About Me

I am a BGU alumni with a Ph.D and an M.Sc in the Cyber Security track of the Information Systems Engineering Department. I also hold a B.Sc in Computer Science and Bioinformatics and am a former member of the Implementation Security and Side-Channel Lab under Dr. Yossi Oren.

My fields of research include:

  • Mobile hardware security: especially "hardware meets software" scenarios.
  • Side channel information leakage.

I am also co-founder of the start-up Voyage 81 that now operates as a part of ODDITY, where I hold the position of VP, Information Security.



  • CVE-2017-0650 - An information disclosure vulnerability in the Synaptics touchscreen driver could enable a local malicious application to access data outside of its permission levels.

Academic Contact Information

Email: email


  • Fall 2017:
    • TA - 372.1.2102 - Advanced programming
    • Lab - 372.1.4117 - Information security management
  • Spring 2017:
    • TA - 372.1.1105 - Intro to software engineering
  • Fall 2016:
    • TA - 372.1.2051 - Algorithms

Honors & Awards


I can usually be found by following the smell of burnt electronics. I like breaking things to see how they work and scaring people with unexpected trivia. Did you know that most sea cucumbers have teeth in their anus?

My other hobbies include SCUBA diving, rock climbing and biking around the beautiful desert that surrounds the city of Beer Sheba.

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